About Us

I started fishing in the waters of Port Canaveral twenty years ago. Fishing is a passion of mine and over the years I have improved my skills significantly, and it has become my full-time job. I recently obtained my commercial license.

I have been successful thus far and would love to expand my horizons. At the beginning I was catching king fish, dolphin, and cobia for the local market but my real passion is sharing countless memories with family and friends.

So, I switched my main focus from fishing for the market to sharing my passion of fishing with anyone who is on vacation or living in central Florida.
Fishing gives families the opportunity to make amazing memories that they will cherish for life.

Whether its trolling for king fish, catching Mahi on the reef, or bottom fishing for triggers, snapper, cobia grouper, Amberjacks, I love it all! These will make fantastic memories that can be passed down for generations. My passion is the sea and I want to be able to share this with whomever wants to go on an adventure in the ocean!

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